Planning Meeting Sat 13th August,

Faircharm Café, Creekside,
Sat 13th Aug,  1pm

We need to make some plans!

We need to sort out constitution and when we are going to have elections to posts and to set up bank accounts etc. So if you are interested in getting involved in any capacity?

We need to set dates for work days in Sue Godfrey Garden:
Weeding and tidying days are required SOON!
We also need to start planning what plants we want to buy. We have £500 available for replanting the garden.
As soon as the new area is finished and prepared we can have raised beds delivered and will need a bed building day.

We also need to introduce new and enthusiastic members to what we have to offer. Including suggested plans for small “mini allotments”

Need to discus plans for raised beds when they are built: Plans for winter plantings and for growing schemes starting next spring.

Crossfields festival: how are we going to be involved? And whats going on?

Visits and socials YAY!  We need to organize a couple of exciting trips! LWT Wildflower centre in Peckham anyone??

There will also be FANTASTIC treats and gourmet food so you all better come!!


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